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Why Get Your Deck Powerwashed
Your patio or deck provides a beautiful outdoor retreat for you and your friends and family to enjoy. If your deck or patio look tired or worn out because of dirt, however, you might be looking to retreat from these spaces, rather than to them.

The tricky thing about grime on your deck or patio is that it slowly builds up, over time. Since you’re around these spaces fairly frequently, you may not even realize how dingy they look compared to when they were new. However, you can be sure that any guests you have in your home do notice how dirty these spaces appear, so you need to work to get them clean as soon as possible.

Getting the job done the right way!
Our patio cleaning and deck power washing utilizes different methods to ensure the best possible result. If high-pressure water is needed to blast away the dirt and grime on patio blocks or bricks, that’s what we’ll use.

If soft wash pressure washing is needed to help protect your deck boards, that’s what we’ll do. You’ll be amazed at how a properly performed patio pressure washing or deck power washing can help these areas look like new.

An important consideration when utilizing these services is ensuring that all the furniture and decor you have in these outdoor spaces is properly protected. After all, it doesn’t do you much good to have a thorough patio cleaning if all of the items that were on your patio have been destroyed in the process.

You can be sure, though, that we’ll take the extra time to move all items that can be moved and to protect those that can’t to ensure everything looks great when we’re done. To get your deck or patio looking brand new again, call us today!

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