House & Siding Pressure Washing

In some instances, the appearance of moss on the side of a home is a pleasant and welcome sight. For everyone else, however, the appearance of moss means that it’s time to call in our house power cleaning services.

The team of professionals at O’Fallon Pressure Washing Pros provide high-quality house siding pressure washing, working to ensure all contaminants are removed and prevented from coming back any time soon.

Part of this is accomplished through our soft wash pressure washing process, as we’re able to apply plant-safe chemicals to your siding. This process prevents the growth of moss and algae and helping maintain the beautiful appearance of your home.

Over time, the siding on all houses begins to collect dirt and grime. Much of this happens naturally because dirt blowing through the air can stick to the siding of your house. Also, as a storm is blowing in and the humidity is high, dirt can more easily stick to the side of your house leaving a faded or dirty look.

Rain is also another cause of your brick or vinyl siding beginning to look dirty. The rain droplets collect dirt from the air, then deposit this dirt on your house as it falls from the sky. These are a few reasons the outside of your house can begin to look dirty and need professionally pressure cleaned.

Precaution and Precision Used To Avoid Damage
As with other areas where exterior materials are layered, such as a roof, the siding of your home must be carefully washed to prevent causing serious damage to the plywood underneath. Water must be applied at a downward angle to ensure it’s not forced upward between the seams in the siding. Additionally, attention must be paid to joints where two pieces of siding meet, to ensure lower pressure is used to prevent water damage.

Since your siding is your home’s first defense against all kinds of precipitation and contaminants, it’s important to maintain its structural integrity while working to clean it completely.

​Furthermore, keeping your siding clean is of vital importance, since any contaminants that remain on your siding can easily eat away at the siding material, requiring early replacement and potential major damage, in the meantime.

With our experts in the washing seat you can be sure that the job will be done correctly, the first time. If you’re interested in requesting a free estimate or quote, contact us today!

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