Fence Soft Washing

Having a fence around your home is a great way to provide privacy, security, and solitude. Unfortunately, depending on the material your fence is made from, it can really start to look quite worn, over time.

​That beautiful appearance of new wood only lasts for a season or two, at most, before it fades into that familiar dingy gray. Fortunately, though, fence pressure cleaning can remove much of this discoloration, revealing the beautiful, natural wood color underneath. This allows you to enjoy the like-new appearance of your fence without spending a fortune on having it replaced.

Special Care Must Be Taken
As with other types of exterior house washing, special care must be taken when performing a fence pressure cleaning. Typically, high pressures are required to remove the contaminants on your fence, as they are heavily embedded in the wood itself.

At the same time, there are often delicate flowers or other items just on the other side of the fence that could be damaged when high-pressure water comes through the small gaps between the fence boards.

That is where our experience pays off, since we’re able to precisely aim our tools at the fence boards to ensure that nothing around the fence is damaged. In areas where contact can’t be avoided, we’ll work to protect your property to ensure it comes out unscathed. If any mulch or other landscaping has to be disturbed during the process, we’ll work to restore it to its original appearance until you’re completely satisfied. 

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