Commercial Building Pressure Washing in O’Fallon MO

Our team of pressure washers gladly provides more than just residential and home pressure washing services. We also do power washing for many commercial customers, and we gladly provide multi-house or multi-property discounts for our larger commercial customers.

Here are some of the commercial power washing services we provide:

Commercial Private or Public Buildings
Our team specializes in pressure washing both public and private commercial buildings. In some cases the commercial buildings require us to rent additional equipment or take extra safety precautions because the building is located in a busy intersection or has significant historic value. Regardless of the circumstance, we’ll provide you with a free estimate and the best advice we have on how to clean your commercial property so it looks great for all your customers or renters.

Restaurant Cleaning
Keeping a restaurant clean is a important and necessary element to having repeat, happy customers. The last place most people want to see dirt, inside or outside, is at a restaurant where people eat food. Even though the dirt is on the outside of your building, people still think a dirty outside probably means a dirty inside, causing paying customers to stay away from your property. If you’re concerned about the outside look and appearance of your restaurant, give us a call today for affordable and prompt service you can trust!

Apartment Complexes
Although it can be costly and time consuming to power wash your apartment complexes, we believe it’s worth it in the long run because you’ll have happier residents and will be more likely to get new people to move into your property.

One reason people rent is because they rely and trust their landlord to take care of all their house repair, maintenance and upkeep needs. Further, improving the outward look and curb appeal of your apartment complex can increase the value of your property and attract nicer, happier and low maintenance tenants.

Parking Lots and Parking Garage Cleaning
At least once a year parking lots and parking garages should be cleaned by a professional pressure washing company. Both parking lots and parking garages are usually subject to heavy car and foot traffic. Many people drive through and park in these places on a daily basis. It’s important to keep your customers happy by giving them a well cleaned and new looking area to park their car.

Parking garages are already notorious for being creepy places that many people would rather stay away from. A parking garage that’s dirty and smells makes this stereotype ever worse and may even dissuade possible customers from wanting to frequent your store or building. Once way to make your parking garage look clean and new, and smell great is by scheduling our power wash services.

Other Info About Commercial Jobs
Additionally, commercial jobs usually need tackled with a little different process. Many times our team needs to come on site to provide an estimate. For our home pressure washing services, we can usually provide a very accurate estimate over the phone without needing to see your property. Even though each house is slightly different, the scope of work is usually the same.

However, commercial properties usually have many more factors to consider. For example, we have to analyze your property and answer questions like:

  • Will we need to rent industrial equipment like larger ladders, scaffolding or a lift truck;
  • What additional safety concerns need considered;
  • How can we clean the property without impacting your day to day operations and customers;
  • and is the job big enough that we need to call in a second crew?

These questions and many others must be considered to provide you with the most accurate estimate we can.

For more information about the services we offer, give us a call today!

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