Ahh, spring. After a long, cold winter, it sure is a breath of fresh air to see what grass looks like again. Now that us humans can spend this time adjusting to warmer temperatures, we must consider that we were not the only ones impacted by the harsh weather that comes along with the season. Our homes, businesses, driveways, garages, patios, decks, fences and vehicles (just to name a few) have all suffered as well, and the mild sunny days that spring brings are the perfect climate for pressure washing.
What is Pressure Washing?
Pressure washing is defined as the use of high-pressure water spray to remove the following from a variety of surfaces at a rapid rate:
●       Dirt
●       loose paint
●       Mold
●       Mud
●       Chewing gum
●       Grime
●       Dust
●       Graffiti
●       Oil stains
●       Mildew
●       Algae
When pressure washing is done professionally, the correct nozzle and pressure is applied to the specified surface to be cleaned to ensure no damage occurs. Pressure washing professionals are trained in knowing the appropriate methods to complete their duty.
Why Spring is Best
Spring is the most preferred season for homeowners and businesses alike to hire professional pressure washers for a number of reasons. Vinyl and brick exteriors don’t take well to the dirt and grime that has built up through snow and rain.

As spring brings good weather, it also brings an open window for pressure washing to be completed so that the freshness that it brings can linger on through the summer months. Front entrance stairs, fencesoutdoor furniture, and parking lots build up their fair share of dirt over the winter too, and no customer feels comfortable walking up to a business that is, quite literally, filthy.
Outdoor barbecues a family favorite? Spring is a splendid time to refurbish your deck and even your grill. Hiring a pressure washing contractor to clean your driveway can make sure the correct pressure washing technique is used can help your family and guests enjoy a beautiful, professionally clean atmosphere with your hamburgers and brats.
After you’ve kept your vehicles all cozy inside your garage all winter and your driveway has had to put up with constant snow accumulation and plowing, it is safe to say the concrete and body of your car are lacking cleanliness. Oil stains and dirt galore no more once they are properly pressure washed in the spring when the wonderfully messy “melting” phase has passed.
If you’re fine with living in an igloo, pressure washing in the winter would be right for you. Pressure washing outdoor surfaces in the fall will only lead to debris deposits from fallen leaves as trees brace themselves for the winter. You could choose to hire a professional pressure washer in the summer, but isn’t it more viable to do it in the spring so you can enjoy the results longer?
Spring is the best time of the year to pressure wash. To schedule a pressure wash in the spring, call us at O’Fallon Pressure Washing Pros today at 636-206-8083!