Most people hear that the cheapest way to get things like power or pressure washing done is by investing in the purchase of one. You’ve read the manual, you’ve watched a couple how-to videos, how hard could it be?

While this may seem best, attempting to pressure wash without professional training and being an expert in the skill opens up the possibility of inflicting damage that a pressure washing service would avoid from the start.

These damages will result in needed replacements that will cost you more than buying your own pressure washer and the price of hiring a pressure washing service combined. Doing-it-yourself shouldn’t cost you more than what is necessary.
Here are some damages that could occur from inexperienced pressure washing:

  • Chips in wood and concrete
  • Chips paint
  • Water leakage
  • Streaking

Chips in Wood and Concrete
Did you know that there are factories that use extremely high powered water jets to cut metal? They’re like the Godzilla version of pressure washers, but you get the idea that pressurized water is nothing to mess around with. Without proper training, even the most respected DIY gurus could risk hurting themselves, their property and landscape when wanting to perform siding pressure washing.

​The most common damage found after a DIY pressure wash is when the homeowner is surprised to see chips in their wooden deck, wooden fence and concrete driveway following an entire day of manual labor in the yard. What started as an innocent mission to freshen up the exterior of your home ended in thousands out the window in repairs.

Chips Paint
You’d better leave pressure washing to the pros when it comes to cleaning dirt and debris off of your vehicles, trailers, farming equipment and boats. If pressure washing in this particular situation is not performed accurately, paint will chip off.

This phenomenon leads to the development of rust, which is no bill any homeowner would like to have to pay to fix. By hiring a professional pressure washing service, you can sleep at night by knowing that all of the paint remained on your brand new truck you just paid off.
Water Leakage
Pressure washing a house is a bit more complicated than just spraying back and forth. If not done properly, the water can reach areas that it wasn’t intended to go and these effects are serious as there is no way to tell leakage occurred until the problem is at its worst. Water can easily sneak through window and door seals, damaging the interior of a home, business or garage.

Problem areas due to water exposure can develop in flooring, wiring, insulation and more, none of which are inexpensive repairs. Having water where it doesn’t belong also leads to creating the perfect environment for molds to pop up, so if you would like to avoid these troubles at all costs, it is best to hire the professionals.
Streaking is a phenomenon that occurs when lines appear on a flat surface following an unsteady pressure wash. Not only is this very noticeable, but it is an indicator that the job was not completed correctly. Streaking is especially common when pressure washing wooden surfaces like patios or decks.

Knowing stable techniques to perform a thorough pressure wash is something that hired professionals would be equipped with on the job so you don’t have to worry about your front walkway looking like it is two different colors.
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