If you’re one of the many homeowners with a fence or deck, then it is likely that you spent a lot of time and resources to have them. You’d also like to keep them around in good shape for as long as you can. Lucky for you, this can be achieved through some good old power washing by the professionals at O’Fallon Pressure Washing Pros. We can save you the expense and stress of considering to replace a fence and deck that can be restored to its like-new quality.
Listed below are some reasons why property owners hire a power wash for their decks and fences:

  • Sun bleaching
  • Planning to paint or stain
  • Dirt buildup
  • Mold

Too Bright
When the sun shines, we humans can make due by throwing on a pair of sunglasses, using sunscreen and staying in the shade. However, the same can not be said about fences and decks. After years of direct sunlight, you may find that your deck and fence have become pale and dull after slowly losing their vibrancy. While this seems irreversible, a power wash can be just the treatment your fence and deck needs.
Clean Canvas
If you’re planning on painting or staining your deck and fence, you’ll need to remove the previous paint or stain finish. Not to worry! When performed professionally, power washing uses warm water to remove the unwanted materials so that you can have a fresh, clean canvas to get the job done.

Skipping out on this step can lessen the amount of time your new paint and stain stick around. If power washing is not completed prior to adding on the new paint or stain, it will peel off prematurely because it is not actually stuck to the fence or deck; it’s stuck to the previous paint or stain. This is especially noticeable in areas that take a beating during storms and areas with heavy foot traffic.

So if you have an interest in prolonging the life of your hardwork and enjoying your beautiful new deck and fence, then it is a great idea to go ahead with hiring a pressure washing company to help you succeed.
“Thanks for inviting me to your backyard barbecue, neighbor! I’ll have hot dogs with a side of… is that mold?!” Have a fence or deck that seems a little “green around the gills”?

Mold, mildew, moss and other growths occur more often on fences and decks than one might think, but the average homeowner always finds it to be a delight to know that this does not necessarily mean that the fence or deck is beyond repair. A cleansing power wash is just the trick to removing even the toughest molds from wooden decks and fences.

Having this routine property maintenance task completed by professionals helps resume the safety of your family, pets and dinner party guests for years to come.

Dirt Removal
If your fence and deck are dirty, but not too filthy, power washing is a great option for having that mess cleaned up quickly and effectively. This can add years to your deck as it removes imbedded dirt and other contaminants that neither you or your fence and deck want. Not only will this save you money in the long run, but it can be completed in under an hour (depending on the size of the deck or fence) so that the results can speak for themselves soon after the professionals leave.

​Think of this as giving your fence and deck a bubble bath… a very powerful one. Power washing is a smart routine maintenance task for all property owners and an excellent preventative measure to potential issues.
If power washing is done incorrectly, it can lead to damage to your fence and deck and even chip the wood. That’s why you can let the professionals handle it all at O’Fallon Pressure Washing Pros. Give us a call today for a free estimate at 636-206-8083!