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If you’re in the O’fallon Missouri area and are in need of a pressure washing or power washer services, give the professionals at O’Fallon Pressure Washing Pros a call! Our team of pressure washers know exactly how to make your house, driveway, patio, deck, fence or outdoor furniture look brand new! We know you’ll be amazed after one of our professionals has cleaned your house or belongings, you have our guarantee!

When the spring cleaning fever hits, it’s time to call in the professionals to clean up your home from the winter’s wear and tear. Pressure washing is one way to make the outside of your house look like new again.

Pressure washing your house can be a time consumingdirty, and somewhat risky job. Many people think it will only take a few minutes to clean the dirt, grime or mildew off the side of your house. However, oftentimes people get into the job and realize what they thought would be a couple hours is actually going to take all day and maybe some of the next day as well.

Additionally, not many people realize how easily a commercial power washer can cause irreversible damage to your house, driveway, fence or patio. The water PSI (pounds per square inch) coming from a pressure washing machine can range anywhere from 1,300 to 2,000 for the light-duty machines and as much as 3,000 or more for the heavy-duty industrial machines. While these machines work great for pressure cleaning O’fallon, one small wrong move can even severely cut through skin or even remove a finger or toe.

If you don’t have time to do your own pressure washing, or don’t want to run the risk of damaging your house, your belongings, or yourself, or if you’re just wanting a free estimate for how much it would cost to make your house look new again, give us a call today!

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The team at O’Fallon Pressure Washing Pros knows exactly what it takes to make you completely satisfied you requested our pressure washing services. We love seeing the look on our customers faces and hearing the words “I can’t believe how great my house looks”.

O’Fallon Pressure washing prices vary greatly depending on the size of house or the difficult of the job you need completed. This is why for all our services, we will gladly provide a FREE ESTIMATE. After asking you a few questions about the type of pressure cleaning work you need completed, we can provide you with a very specific estimate of the work you need done.

To get in touch with a top-rated O’fallon MO pressure washer, give us a call today. We look forward to making your home siding, driveway, deck, fence or anything else you want power washed look brand new again!

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Services We Provide

  • Power Washing, Pressure Washing and Soft Washing Services
  • House & Siding Pressure Washing
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Patio & Deck Cleaning
  • Driveway Cleaning
  • Concrete Pressure Cleaning Service
  • Outdoor Furniture Washing in O’Fallon MO
  • Fence Soft Washing
  • Graffiti Removal

Our Services

As professional power washers in O’Fallon, Missouri, we offer our clients with a wide range of pressure washing, power washing and soft washing services. Almost every part of the outside of your house or property can be washed and get that like-new shine again.

​Whether you want your siding, roof, fences, driveway or back patio washed, we know you’ll be amazed at how great your property looks when we finish. No matter how big or small of a job you have, we will give us a call for a free estimate of the washing services you would like performed on your house.

House & Siding Pressure Washing

One of the most common jobs we perform is home pressure washing. Whether you have brick, wood (stained or painted), or vinyl siding, our washing services can make your home look like new. As one of the top house siding cleaning companies serving the greater O’Fallon Missouri area, we know you’ll be amazed at the work we can do.

Time may heal all wounds, but time, wind, rain and dirt doesn’t make your house look cleaner or nicer. With age, all houses begin to collect dirt, mold, mildew, and bacteria. To remove these unwanted marks from your home, you need generally need much more than a traditional hose.

Instead, you need highly pressurized water to force that stubborn dirt, mold, or bacteria off the sides of your house. Additionally, when necessary, our team will use people and plant safe soaps to give your house that like new shine!

For more info about all our home washing services in O’Fallon MO, and for a free estimate to wash your house, give us a call today!

Deck & Patio Power Washing

Everyone loves the look of a freshly painted deck or a patio with brand new pavers. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long before mother nature takes her tole and makes your outdoor sitting area begin to look old and worn.

Whether you’re preparing for a graduation party, getting ready to sell your house, wanting to impress your neighbors or just wanting to make your backyard a little more enjoyable, give our pressure washers in O’Fallon, Missouri a call. We know exactly how to give your deck the deck pressure washing it needs.

In less than a day of work, we can make your back yard look brand new. When our team arrives, we will quickly go to work with our industrial power washing machines. With precision and speed we will clean away all the mildew, moss, weeds and any other uninvited dirt that’s made it’s way onto your patio or deck. When we finish, we know you’ll be so happy you gave us a call!

Driveway Cleaning

Whether your driveway is asphalt, concrete, bricks, or pavers, over time it begins to collect dirt and fade in color and shine. A professional driveway cleaning is a great way to make your home look stunning for anyone driving by or staying for a visit.  To make your driveway look new again, a professional powerwasher is just what you need.

Additionally, many people don’t realize the safety benefits of keeping your driveway clean of dirt, moss, or mildew. Anytime it begins to rain this debris on your driveway can present a slipping hazard.

​The risk of someone slipping on your sidewalk or driveway is usually something you don’t want to mess around with. Even if you have liability insurance on your property, maintaining a safe residence is one of the best things you can do for your friends, family and neighbors.

If you want your driveway to look new again, be safer for everyone and to increase the value of your home, call our phones today! Many times we can perform same week service for our customers who need a power washing company in O’Fallon.

Fence Pressure Cleaning

Oftentimes before painting, staining or sealing your fence it’s necessary to give it a good power washing. Cleaning your fence or wooden stairs of dirt, spiderwebs and debris will help ensure no dirt gets between the new layer of paint or stain and the wood.

Other times you need to remove the thin layer of stain from your fence so the new coat of stain gets applied evenly and soaks in adequately to protect your wood for many years to come. And still other times people want their fence cleaned to make it look new again before trying to sell their house.

​In both scenarios, low pressure power washing is usually required for wood fences or decks. If your deck is concrete, we can use a higher gauge washing to get the job done.

Whichever reason you’d like your fence pressure cleaned, we’re here to help. We’ve cleaned many fence before and know just the right pressure to apply to protect your wood from the powerful water pressure.

Gutter Cleaning

If your have mold, dirt or any kinds of mildew growing on your roof, or if you’re wanting to rejuvenate and renew the look of your house’s roof, you’re in need of a professional pressure washing. Our team can clean any kinds of dirt or grime off your asphalt, metal, aluminum, wood, concrete, clay or vinyl roofs.

Also, scheduling our gutter cleaning services is a great way to prepare for either the spring or fall rains. Water running over your gutters and down the side of your house is never good for your home and can create all kinds of unwanted and costly water damage problems.

To give your roof and home the countless benefits of a professional pressure washing service, schedule our services today!

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The teams of professionals at O’Fallon Pressure Washing Pros looks forward to providing you with the best possible pressure washing services in the O’Fallon, Missouri area. Because of our low overhead, we believe we can offer our customers with some of the best power washing company prices around. Most our customers are amazed at just how lower our estimates usually are to clean the exterior of their home.

Whether you need residential services or commercial power washing services, our business has helped many of our clients put that sparkle and shine back into their home. We look forward to providing you with an exceptional and affordable pressure cleaning job! Give us a call today for a free estimate!

If you’re in need of water damage restoration or mold removal services, Midwest Mold Removal is a company we partner with in the St Louis area. They perform excellent mold remediation work and have the highest level of customer service and support.

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